Uptown funk

With such a swinging name you can be sure that we are not talking about a boring collection. And this series is certainly not! Uptown Funk is extremely colorful, cheerful, diverse and eye-catching.

This collection is bursting with cheerful colors, because on top of all standard colors, these cards also contain bright neon colors and holographic foils that cannot be overlooked. And it does not stop with the neon colors and sparkling foils, because in addition to these applications, there are also cards with embroidered patches and patches with sequins, pompoms and fun pins that you can put on a denim jacket or bag for a personal touch. This collection is extremely diverse both due to the applications and the designs. There are cards with funny illustrations, striking patterns, text cards and cards that incorporate photography.

Whether you want to surprise someone with a fantastic card or even with a small gift, Uptown Funk has you covered.

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