We proudly present our brand-new website. This website is loaded with the most beautiful, most trendy greeting cards collections you can find. Feel free to browse, get inspired and anxious to get in contact with us to see what we can do for your greeting cards portfolio.

Lowlands Studios offers a surprisingly broad range of greeting cards collections. Our 3 studios are based in  the UK (Bath) and the Netherlands (Veenendaal), where we keep a sharp eye on current trends and international styles. It’s our job to create cards that sell. Cards are our passion and we love what we do. Because we make art work. Our extensive everyday collection covers all the special occasion of life. We are certain to have outstanding cards for moments big and small. For happy and challenging times. Through our cards people can share their emotions and make meaningful connections with others

We develop, design and produce these splendid greeting cards collections for publishers throughout Europe. When you see ranges (or parts of ranges) suitable for your market, please contact us. We will adapt the products to your specific needs and arrange everything from design through production.